The goals of the Representative are to:
  • Foster respect for the fundamental rights of all children and youth in British Columbia
  • Support and promote the rights of children and youth in care
  • Exercise vigilance in enhancing and protecting those rights to Canadian and international standards
  • Promote awareness and understanding of key principles in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Profile and recognize best practices in the delivery of programs and services for children and youth
  • Monitor effectiveness and responsiveness of services and programs in British Columbia against key indicators
  • Support initiatives to improve outcomes for indigenous children within the context of respect for their place, culture and community
  • Identify and monitor clear outcomes for children and youth
  • Work collaboratively with public bodies, including the chief coroner and public guardian and trustee, to build an integrated, responsive process for the review and investigation of critical injuries and death
  • Support family and community engagement in reviews to ensure all voices are heard
  • Draw on lessons learned to support and promote prevention initiatives and best practices with respect to intervention

The Representative will accomplish these goals by:

  • Sharing best practices with governmental and non-governmental agencies and officials
  • Overseeing and monitoring progress continually
  • Developing protocols and practices for reviews of critical injuries and deaths
  • Establishing a strong, multidisciplinary team to review and identify effective measures to prevent child injuries and deaths
  • Providing a range of advocacy services for children and youth and their families