Mandate and Scope
The mandate of the Representative for Children and Youth is to improve services and outcomes for children in B.C. through advocacy, accountability and review.
Advocacy: The Representative believes children in British Columbia deserve to be protected and feel safe. The Representative advocates on behalf of children and youth to ensure services meet their needs.
The Representative also advocates for improvements to the system of services for children, youth and their families. It is the responsibility of the Representative to initiate reviews and investigate government agencies that provide services to children in B.C.
Accountability: The Representative independently reviews and investigates deaths and critical injuries of children and youth receiving services, with an emphasis on preventing children and youth from being harmed in any way. The Representative also has the power to release reports that are independent of government approval and that uniquely focus on the child welfare system.
Review: The Representative holds the system of care to account by conducting independent audits, and monitoring and reviewing government services. The Representative has the power to investigate a child’s critical injury or death.
Please see our Service Plan under RCY Reports as well as our various factsheets for further information about our mandate and scope.